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Guido van der Linden | listening to your thoughts
Concept of Examen:
“My work consist of three-dimensional sculptures which are based upon observations. In contradiction with, but also fully corresponding to these observations, the sculpture becomes a frivolous commence on our perception of the everyday reality.” This project is about observing in itself in connection with what our brain experiences. As soon as we start observing we are connected to a World in where we can not tell what is reality and what is not. This work consist of a white wall with a light hollow shape in the middle. In the middle of this shape ‘grows’ a window out of small thin glasses. This hollow shape is the window of our thoughts, and can be seen as the only reality there is. The wall embraces the viewer, and so we can project our thoughts and observations and finally observe them again. Next to this wall, in the middle of the room, there is a ‘decor-setting’, in where you can read a text written on a typing machine. This text consists of a prologue and a play, which is about thoughts and the question what reality is or what can be seen as such.
Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten
Irene Fortuyn, Reinoud Oudshoorn, Klaas Kloosterbo
KABK Den Haag
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