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Joanna Pawlowska | BA (Honours) Fine Art
Concept of Examen:
I paint and print exclusively on Aluminium. I use Porcelain Varnish as my main medium. I found Aluminium’s smooth, mirror like surface very suitable for the subject matter of my work, which explored the relationship between the stranger and the community that he/she tries to infiltrate. The metallic surface of the painting emanates coldness, toughness and impenetrability. Its reflective quality is also very confrontational: it cannot be looked at closely without seeing oneself. It is challenging to find my own system of expression with the combination of these materials and the subject matter of my painting, as there is an enormous multiplicity of expression and diversity of choice. I like to utilise straight lines and geometrical forms to create an illusion of control and orderliness. For that purpose, I developed a special method of painting which I call PAINTSEE: peel, uncover, paint and see. This technique involves a deliberate process of painting only on designated (uncovered) areas of Aluminium. This means only part of the image is worked on at any one time.
Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, U
Alex Ramsay, Mike Finch
mail to: jpawlowska@hotmail.co.uk
CSM Arts London
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