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David Ben White | Postgraduate diploma
Concept of Examen:
I was in Belgium recently, installing work for a show and found myself obsessing about a building site close to my hotel. Somehow, it seemed to be offering me everything that I was interested in and wanted to connect to as a painter and artist. It was a world that was coming into being, with it’s skeleton in the process of becoming, it’s constituent parts scattered around like strange accretions, it was a place of magic and promise. I marvelled at the bizarre logic of the space, aware that what it would become was far less interesting than what it was now. This is what excites me about painting. I like the idea of the painting being primarily about its journey rather than about its destination. I am fascinated by how a painting can create many different possible spaces and languages, flitting indecently between fictitious realms. By extending the painting itself out of its frame I am interested in how it then becomes an object. It also allows me the chance to play a game of reinterpreting the physical, real space off against the fictitious, unreal space of the tableau. Of course, they are both artificial spaces, but that is part of the game. It is the journey that is the magical part, as anything can happen along the way.
Chelsea College of Art and Design, University of t
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