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Christine Urech | _frame
Industrial Design
Concept of Examen:
Assemble side panels and insert strut hook laterally into the angle part of the shelf, tighten and clamp the elastic straps! «_frame», the clever shelf as optical enrichment of the living room. Objects of any form and size will find its place. While pressing them into the straps, the pattern of the straps will change. An interesting, individually driven, optical act may begin. «_frame» can be assembled without screwing or glue composing. The connecting parts are perceived as striking design elements and are visibly integrated in the furniture. The stability of the shelf is provided by the tension force of the straps; the entire construction of the furniture relies on them. The same applies to the fixing of the elastic straps on the shelf frame. The counter part of the buckle lock has to be inserted in the side wall. Its conical shape will give a perfect fit and with help of the tension force of the straps the fastening can be done easily. The proper fixing of the straps is confirmed by a ‘click’ sound. The removal of a strap line is easy and smooth. «_frame» is nicely finished and might also be used as an attractive separation wall.
Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst, Fachhochschu
Nicole Schneider, Claude Lichtenstein
mail to: mail@christineurech.ch
FH Nordwestschweiz
4.3  /7  
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