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Simone Hoelzl | Stay-Time is yours
Industrial Design
Concept of Examen:
Time is the most valuable good in modern times. «Stay» invites you to another place- a place of consciousness and relaxation. In times when everything has to go faster the need for a slow down emerges. The privacy of one‘s home stands for a secure distance to the hectic outer world. At the same time the information overload in our global world boosts the desire for objects with character. Individualists search for independent, long-living objects. Stay invites the user to a place of retreat and relief. Harmonic forms and the rocking movement makes the user feel at ease and safe.
Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst, Fachhochschu
Nicole Schneider, Ralf Trachte
mail to: simone.hoelzl@mac.com
FH Nordwestschweiz
4.3  /7  
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