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ABOUT iamiam

iamiam started with the idea to present artist and examen works from art and design students all over Europe. Due to the fact that there are a lot of good works from students out there but hardly no possibilities to see them, the idea of a common internet portal focusing on the output from art and design students in Europe was born.

iamiam.org allows graduates from art and design schools as a free service to showcase their final year projects (images and/or movies, concept, professors) and to receive feedback on their work. Additionally they can comment and evaluate their school or university and provide helpful information for orientation in the scene. In 2008 iamiam started with “INSIGHT”, where you can have an overview of presented works on open days and year exhibition shows all over Europe.

The idea is to get a more and more complex picture of what is going on in art and design in the respective countries and across Europe.

  For more information contact: info(at)iamiam.org